Utkast: May. 21, 2018

Hey cutie, don't know if you knew
But I've kinda got a girl crush on you
You're everything that I wish I could be
Gonna tell you what I wanna do to you

I wanna lock you in a basement with soundproof walls
And take over your identity
I wanna cut the silky hair right off your head
And slurp it up like spaghetti

Wanna clone you and consume you
Wanna own you and cartoon you
Fly your dirty panties like a kite

'Cause I-I-I-I'm
Feelin' kinda naughty tonight

Sorry I said that creepy stuff out loud
That was super rando
I meant to say I wanna do cutesy stuff
Like pillow fight or go swimmin' commando

I wanna kill you and wear your skin like a dress
But then also have you see me in the dress
And be like, "O-M-G you look so cute in my skin!"