amanda och kärleken

I love you, yes
And I’ll confess
The thought of staying is so enticing
And when you speak
My knees get weak
I can’t believe what I’m sacrificing
But let’s get real
We know the deal
So darling let’s not tiptoe
This thing we had
Was not just bad
It was a shit show

We can’t undo, can’t make amends
Dysfunction is our lingua franca
We can’t unscrew each other friends
We’re Jerry Springer, not Casablanca
There’s ‘hard to get’, then there’s neglect
To say it’s fate, you’d have to be a bit slow
Not to be crass
But this sucked ass
This was a shit show

Chernobyl next to us looks like a campfire
Hurricane Katrina was just bad weather
We have chemistry, of course, but that’s a formula for divorce
A play about pieces of feces is what we are together

Oh, what the hell, let’s get a hotel
'Cause life is short and we’re not getting any younger
But after sex, what happens next
I mean in the long run, not just fatigue and hunger?
And when you say that I should stay
That’s exactly when I should split
Though I won’t forget, I won’t regret

This beautiful, heart stopping
Breathtaking, life-changing...!